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This wiki is currently in development for the purpose of featuring several different types of mod pages.

  • Featured Mod Pages - Sections of the wiki for an individual mod or mod series. Most likely created by the author, with additional pages branching from it related to walkthroughs, characters, locations, items, or any other appropriate topic pages. Background and "behind the scenes" information is strongly recommended if written by the creator of the mod.
  • Topic Mod lists - Lists of related mods. For example: Bloodmoon Mods, Texture Replacers, Creatures, Vampire Mods, Modders' Resources, etc.
  • Creator Profiles - Brief profile of a mod author and a categorized overview of their released mods.
  • Recommended Mod Lists - A list of mods suggested by the page's author. Can be organized any way that the page's author sees fit. These pages differ from the topic mod lists because they are intended to reflect the page author's personal tastes, and not be limited to a certain topic.

Featured ModsEdit

Topic ListsEdit

  • Modders' Resources
  • Bloodmoon Mods

Creator ProfilesEdit

Recommended Mod ListsEdit


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