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The Imperial Meshes Pack by Alcar - a modder resource pack

What is a Modder Resource?Edit

A modder resource is a mod or collection of files made by a modder or team of modders for the use in other mods.

Modder resources typically contain only files (i.e meshes, textures, icons) rather than an ESP/Plugin. Some however do contain an ESP/Plugin but add nothing to the Morrowind game world.

These mods, serve to provide other modders with new models and textures to use in their own projects and usually require no pre-aquired permissions (Though a Modder should always respect the wishes of the author in the Readme contained with each resource). Modder resources can be/contain anything from new weapons and armor to providing new tilesets for new areas/enviroments

Types of Modder ResourcesEdit

There can be considered three types of Modder Resources. These are as follows:

  • Resources only
  • Construction set ESP
  • Playable ESP

Resources OnlyEdit

These Modder Resources contain only the files for the resource and add nothing to the Construction set or game world. Such examples include Lady E's resources where only the Meshes and Textures are included.

Construction set ESPEdit

This type of Modder Resource contains the files needed to use the resource in the CS. Typically they contain the meshes/textures for the resource along with an ESP/Plugin that adds the items to the CS but not to the Game world (I.e if you were to load the ESP/Plugin in game you wouldnt find anything.

Playable ESPEdit

This type of resource is a full blown mod that adds/contains resources that are offered to the player/modder to use. These types of resources usually offer the ESP as a showcase only and dont really intergrate the resource or make no attempt to provide a stable mod to use in game. Such examples include Midgetaliens Creature Pack I which is in all purposes a modders resource but makes a limited approach to add the creatures to the game world.