What is a mod list?Edit

A Mod list is a collection of related mods combined into a list. For example Midgetaliens Reconmended Bloodmoon Mods is a list of mods for the expansion pack Bloodmoon.

A mod list doesnt just have to be a collection of mods but can also contain modders resources, online files such as maps or contain links to other lists that may be of interest.

This page contains links to various mod lists sorted by alphabetical order.

A list of Mod ListsEdit

This is a list of known modlists which have been converted over to this wiki. Please note that they are in alphabetical order and if you wish to add to the list please abide by this rule. Where a Modders name is used at the start of the list this counts as the "lists" name and so will be counted in the Alpha order.

  • Drow - A mod list
  • Midgetalien's Reconmended Bloodmoon Mods