Midgetaliens Reconmended Bloodmoon mods is a list of mods that add to the island of Solsthiem and the surrounding area, including the Northern part of Morrowind. The mod list aims to make Solsthiem a more enjoyable experience and with conflicts between mods kept at a minimum. So while you may not all agree with [Midgetaliens] choices, "it is essentially a mod list catered to my [sic] own desires, needs and wants."- MA

Note from Midgetalien: Please be aware that I am actively maintaining this list and any changes made by third party memebers will be removed.

What this Mod list is not:

  • This modlist is not a List of mods that require the bloodmoon expansion.
  • This modlist is not a List of all mods that require or take place on "Solsthiem"
  • This modlist is not a modlist for every single mod ever released

Searching for ModsEdit

Searching for mods can be a long process and it helps to know where most of the mods can be found. Many can be found in mod lists like this one and nearly all are hosted on large sites with databases containing thousands of mods.

It’s worth knowing the main sites as not all Solsthiem mods will be included in this List and you may wish to go out and explore what others exist.
The mains sites are:

Morrowind Modding History


Great House Fliggerty



See the recommended reading section for links to guides which give more in-depth information about mod searching and using the above sites

Recomended ReadingEdit

If you’re new to using mods then this mod List might be the last place you’d want to check. While I have provided information on how to install and search for mods that’s about all the information I am going to provide. Simply put there’s a lot out there that can help you set up and use Morrowind mods.
I recommend checking out Plutos mod recommendations for new players. It will help ease you into the process of adding and using mods as well as providing a useful amount of information on what mods are and how to use them.
Once you’ve mastered that I recommend Povuholo’s morrowind 2010 andPart 2. It provides information and links to improve and upgrade your morrowind to “2010”. Included in there are bug fixes and graphical updates. I recommend you read through this simply because the mods for bloodmoon work off the same principles talked about in this thread. Think of Povuholo’s Morrowind 2010 as the companion to the Solsthiem modlist
The final bit of reading is the forums offical pinned threads on mods. It help you to understand what a mod is and what it does and hopefully make you feel more comfortable in using this mod list

The mod ListEdit

Bug FixesEdit

Morrowind is not a bug free game and neither was its expansion Bloodmoon. But needless to say the community has come up with many bug fixes to help eleminate these errors.
The main file is the Morrowind Patch Project - it is an extnesive bug fix for morrowind, bloodmoon and tribunal. It is the one and only bug fix mod that you should need.

The mods listed below are all fixed in the Morrowind Patch Project, so you shouldnt use them together. I have listed the bugfixes mainly for those who dont use/wont use/cant use the Morrowind Patch Project.


With all good mod lists it helps to point the players in the direction of Graphical Updates. So below are the ones that I think will provide a nice clean Graphical update to Solsthiem. The order of the graphic mods represents the installation order as textures will override each other.

Town Expansions and AdditionsEdit

Solstheim, even though it’s a winter wasteland has that empty type of feeling to it. Thirsk seems way to small even given its rubbish explanation of the last 500 years (people just move away?! Where to then?). So this section contains the mods which make Solstheim feel less frontier and more countryside.


The Fauna of Solsthiem is unique in its own way and breaks away from what is common on Morrowind but it could use some fleshing out and rebalancing! So this section is dedicated to such mods. The daddy of all creature mods: Creatures X can be considered the “base” pack here. As well as adding ton’s of new creatures to Morrowind the mod also touches upon Solsthiem!



What’s a mod List of recommended mods if it doesn’t include anything for the budding alchemists out there? In this section you can find anything from Alchemist books to new ingredients. Anything that deals with the sacred art of Alchemy.


Well now, with all the graphics, expansions and critters out of the way let’s get to the grits of it. We all need more armour and weapons to add to our collection and this is where you can find it! Included here are armour and weapon updates for those already found on Solsthiem as well new stuff for the budding Nord! Also included in the List are items (armor/weapons) that are added to creatures.

Divine Domina SeriesEdit

The Divine Domina series gets a mini section all by itself becuase theres so much of it! Started by Jeremy McGuinn and continued by CanadianIce**, this series of mods improves the female curiass for all armors. The meshes are based upon the Divine Domina mesh from the offical Bethesda plugin LeFemm Armor.
The following mods replace the female curiass of all armors, I have included all non-bloodmoon ones as well jsut for the sake of complition. Also included here are Candian Ice's continuation of the series, Mr.Magics BB compatibility, Adam Zsoldos female Iron replacer and Darknuts re-textures. Please install the mods in the order I have listed here to help maximise compatibility.
Those looking only for the bloodmoon armors should download Divine Domina 5, CanadianIce's Domina Madness: Female Nordic & Ice Cuirass Replacer and Domina Madness: Female Wolf & Snow Wolf Cuirass Replacer.

**to download CanadianIces mods you need to register at her forum

Dungeons and QuestsEdit

With an island the size of Solsthiem you’d expect it to have its fair share of places to explore and quests to complete; and thats what you can find here! So sharpen your sword and pack your bags and prepare to explore!


So we get to the end of the mod List but it’s the best till last! Any other mod that doesn’t fit into the above sections can be found here! Ever wanted to start the game on Solsthiem? Or perhaps wanted more travel options around the isle? Look no further!
Solsthiem Alternnate beginning
Scouts services
bloodmoon Ammo Fix
Less Generic Bloodmoon
Regionally Known WereWolves

Things of InterestEdit

This section goes beyond misc mods. Its the section where you look for Nord related stuff that doesnt have anything to do with Solsthiem. While I cold fill this section wit hall sorts of mods, I decided that as its a bloodmoon mod List I have kept it to the Northern part of Morrowind - I.e Khuul, Dagon Fel upwards. Khuul because its the place where you set out for Solsthiem and Dagon Fell because its essentailly a Nord town.
Horker Island
Dagon Fel Mill
Abandoned Well at Dagon Fell
The Raven
More Detailed places: Khuul
Elyndas Winter Wear
Redaynia Village
Bloody Oath
Morning Star Islands
Of Justice and Innocence
Northern Winds
Dagon's Folly
Tos Caverns
Sheogorad Alchemist
Dungeon Expansion
The Mountains of Ever Winter
Town of Vogar
Riek Island
Anglachel, The crazy witch hunter
Solsthiem Mage Tower

version historyEdit