The following mods are ones that I have used, and reflect my personal tastes. Also, please see my "Top Ten Mods for New Morrowind Players" list on my Keening website. This page may be converted to wiki in the future.

City and Town ExpansionsEdit

  • ALD REDAYNIA: Ald Redaynia Extended - by Princess Stomper [PES] [MMH]
  • BALMORA: Balmora Expansion - by Gorg, Canadian Ice, Jeremy McGuinn, and others [PES] [MMH]
    • Balmora Ghetto - by Princess Stomper [PES] [MMH]
    • Balmora Expanded Texture Fix - by Slartibartfast [PES]
    • South Wall, Den of Iniquity - by Balathustrius [PES]
  • CALDERA: Better Caldera - by Matthew Walker [PES] [MMH]
    • Alternate: Better Caldera, Children Compatible - by Sandman 101, Matthew Walker, & Emma [PES] [NEX] [EMMA]
  • DAGON FEL: Unique Dagon Fel - by Basswalker (Textures Only) [PES] [MMH]
  • EBONHEART: Ebonheart Interior Expansion - by Princess Stomper [PES]
    • Ebonheart Expanded: Shady District (Shack Town) - by Kyro [PES] [MMH]
  • FORT FROSTMOTH: Fort Frostmoth Docks Expanded/ Enhanced - by Midgetalien [PES]
  • GNAAR MOK: New Gnaar Mok - by Melchior [PES]
  • GNISIS: Gnisis Expanded - by Craigor [PES]
    • Gnisis Shack Town - by Kyro [PES]
  • HLA OAD: Hla Oad Expanded - by Fayshayshay [PES]
  • KHUUL: Khuul Expanded - by Casey Tucker [PES] [MMH]
    • Khuul Expanded Lighthouse - by Mr C Racer [PES] [MMH]
  • MOLAG MAR: Dark Molag Mar - by Rattfink333 (Textures Only) [PES] [MMH]
  • MOURNHOLD: Mournhold Expanded v1.51 Definite Edition - by Princess Stomper [KEEN]
  • SEYDA NEEN: Seyda Neen Docks / Seyda Neen Expanded - by Lonnie and Strider [PES]
  • SURAN: White Suran - by Basswalker (Textures Only) [PES]
  • THIRSK: Thirsk Expanded - by Princess Stomper [MMH] [PES - broken]
    • Felsaad Revamped (Fortified Thirsk) - by Lochnarus [MMH] [PES - broken]
  • VIVEC: Vivec Expansion - by Hoghead the Horrible [PES]
  • VOS: Vos Expansion/ Plantation - by Princess Stomper [PES] [MMH]